Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Boss My Hero 6-10

There's only one word that can capture the dazzling radiance that is Aragaki Yui and that word is moe! Everytime she's on screen, the whole world just seems a bit brighter. Which is also why eps 6 and 7 are the best of the series. Ep 6 is basically about the Agnes Pudding and the Aniranger and the fact that this ep has 2 'punchlines' makes it even better. And ep 7 is about Makky taking the Agnes Road with Umemura.

I'm mailing the writers to get rid of Sakura-nantoka and put more schoolgirls in this show.

However the ending of ep 7 basically spells the end of the Makky-Umemura storyline, thereby rendering her into a background character. Ep 8 is your bloody generic class gets together to play music story. That ep was not even half as good as swing girls. And the last ep brings us to the predictable ending.

IMO, the 2nd girl from the right is pretty hot.....

Forgot to mention one of the most ingenius ideas from the show; the Yakuza election! They could have milked the idea for one whole episode. All they had to do was to tranpose all the dirty stuff that people do during normal elections and have the yakuza do it. Bribery, phantom voters and interest groups applying their own pressures/donations.

My biggest beef with the show is still the lack of Aragaki Yui screen time. The generic happy ending is so not happy for me. They could have done so many good stuff if Makky and Umemura got together. Basically after the middle of ep 7, I knew it was all downhill for me. Still, Nagase Tomoya did a very good job as usual.

There are a lot of funny moments but I fast forwarded a lot of parts as well. So final verdict is the more Nagase Tomoya and koukou doramas you've seen, the less impressed you'll be with the writing.


tUrtleAE86 said...

Sakura-nantoka made me want to throw pudding cups at him. >_< He should have been an ijime-ko or something.
On the other hand, the girl that plays Saki is kind of cute.

Thankfully, Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu is pretty ownage. I guess TBS is trying to make up for what NTV didn't really get right with My Boss, My Hero. Or, maybe I'm just totally owned by Nagasawa Masami. She's gotta be the most effortlessly kawaii girl that I've ever seen.^^

Data said...

How do you find the current drama season, HamsapSukebe? Fancy Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu or any other drama? Assuming you're not too busy having a life, that is, unlike me :)

Akiramike said...

I've only seen bits of Sailor Fuku and am hoping the subs will be out soon. Didn't my boss my hero rate decently? Or were the reviews of it really bad?

Its not a bad show but it didn't achieve what it could have. And I want to kill that Sakura-Nantoka guy. What sort of yakuza would hang around with someone like him? Someone ban him from jdoramas for life.