Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Central Ikegami Police 5

If you asked me a few months ago which gravure actress I would like to see in a jdorama, I would say Ogura Yuko. Now, I'm not so sure. For those who've never seen the Central Ikegami series, think of it as a petty crime tv show. Instead of being hardcore drug addicts and serial rapists, the criminals come from unfortunate backgrounds or are doing crime to pay for hospital bills etc.

No, you're a criminal cause u got fridayed.

This is no NYPD Blue. I mean if this show is the true reflection of crime in Japan, girls would be free to walk around in micro minis in Roppongi at night. Hhmm, actually they do. But anyway, you get my drift. Its tame. What this show is exactly is time filler.

I've got a great idea for season 6. Tsuji turns up as the evil, long lost twin sister! :)

There's nothing special about it but there's nothing really bad. Sure they're plotholes and stuff but it doesn't matter cause the story's not serious anyway. I think the show has lost a lot the chemistry, especially with the departure of Mizuno Maki. She is one hot milf.

hhhmm, I wonder what secrets Ogura Yuko is refering to ?:)

What started me on this series (I think I started on season 3) was Kago Ai, who plays the Police Chief's daughter. They've finally given her stuff to do besides greeting her dad at the end of every episode. Oh yeah, they finally revealed the mom too and I think she's perfected casted. Can't believe they had 4 freaking seasons before finally getting her on screen.

Yes, if you've been on this show for 5 seasons and still make limited appearances, you're basically fucked.

L.O.V.E. lovely Yuko!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Nakazawa Yuko has a brief recurring role too. Seeing her just makes me long for the old days of momusu. If you're looking for some filler show which won't bore you like Taiyo no Uta. Give it a shot. Just be warned that it won't thrill you either. Oh yes, Ogura Yuko. Her donkan act really didn't fit into this show. Maybe her fakeness just doesn't fit into the jdorama world. Or maybe I'm just longing for an Isoyama Sayaka dorama.

Because you look like an aho

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