Monday, October 02, 2006

Bengoshi no Kuzu ep 2

There's two things that attracted me to this show; firstly its a lawyer show. The only legal show I'd watched before was Hero, which I thought was crap and I really want to see a decent show about the Japanese legal system. Secondly, Kuzu means trash/scum. Why didn't someone think of this before? We should have some spin-offs with the Kuzu name. Imagine Kyoushi no Kuzu or Oishasan no Kuzu.

And the one thing that made me want to blog about episode 2? Its Mitsuya Yoko! Yes, the girl who played Yuki in KDO ep 9. Woohoo. I love how she keeps turning up in my life. :) Before we get to more Mitsuya Yoko, I'll just give an overview of the series.

Toyokawa Etsushi (Aoi Tori) plays the main character, Kuzu. The sad thing is, he's not really a lawyer without morals. Rather, its the new lawyer, Takeda who is naive and too trusting of clients. Takeda is suppose to be the viewers' point of view but I just find to be too idiotic. Which kinda defeats the point of having your main character having the name of Kuzu.

Rounding off the cast, we have Takashima Reiko who plays another lawyer who has a history with Kuzu and Hoshino Aki who plays the secretary. Normally I'd be very happy to see the legendary gravure idol in a dorama but she's a bit too old to be playing one of those cho-kawaii characters. IMHO, she'd be more sexy dressed in as a typical OL.

Now back to more Mitsuya Yoko. In ep 2, she plays a juvenile named Mako-chan who lures salarymen into love hotels and then takes their money without providing service. Oh yeah, her character's acted in an AV before. Of course the innocent Takeda believes everything Mako-chan says while Kuzu tries to convince him overwise. And in gratitude to Takeda, she gives him a copy of her AV dvd. :)

You can pretty much guess how the show's going to end. After two episodes, I'd haveto say this show is watchable but nothing special. I just feel that there's so much potential but the stories and characters are too dumbed down. Still, after KDO finished, I find it very hard to watch doramas without fast forwarding and ep 2 kept me glued to the screen only because of Mitsuya Yoko.

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Silent Eyez said...

Hey there! I was doing a search about this show. I just started watching it recently-actually, tonight was the 2nd show I've watched. I find it pretty entertaining and I'd certainly stick around for more. Kuzu is a nut, but he's a good nut. We need more nuts like him around ;]