Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Jdorama ramblings 24/10/06


I don't care that it was written by Kitagawa Eriko. Orange Days was so pedestrian and Beautiful Life was like 6 years ago and had more to do with chemistry and acting. Well, I would say 50% of how good a show is depends on acting and chemistry. That Kame fella sucks. From Sapuri and this show, its bloody obvious that Nobuta was a decent show in spite of him. And that fella has crap screen presence.

The best thing about ep1? Seeing Ayase Haruka on her knees.... hhhhm I wonder if this position was in the script?

From the crappy CG to cheesy slow mo stuff, this show just screams boring. Its such a waste that Toda Erika is a supporting character in this show. Ayase Haruka needs to stop doing trendy doramas and do something completely different like Euto Aya's Shimokita Sundays. Please don't waste your bandwidth.

Verdict: I've lost 1 hour of my life I want back.


So far so good. Not as good as I thought it could be and not as bad as I feared. I have to say, I hate the kid who gets Shida Mirai pregnant. He's a fucking idiot for not appreciating free money. Hello? People have to actually work for a living and you put on a black face when you get free cash? WTF is wrong with you? Seriously, someone throw him out of his hourse and let him see how easy it is to make a living. Ppl who have no respect for money piss me off.

I don't really like how they implied they had sex just by them hugging. I mean ffs, there's a huge gap between hugging and actual intercourse. Still, I doubt they could get away with showing anything between minors on prime time tv. I have to say my biggest pet peeve is the casting of the dude. He has zero chemistry with Shida Mirai. Get the Yusuke from Jyou no Kyoushitsu.

Still, acting is great and I'm glad to see the guy who plays Shida Mirai's otousan in a serious supporting role. He's always playing comedy support so its great to see his acting chops. Still to early to judge this show but so far its been very watchable but nothing special. I need to see more misery!

Verdict: watchable


Wheeee, the return of disabled doramas. They're much better than fatal disease doramas. IMHO, there should be a limit of at most 2 fatal disease shows a year. Better yet, let the Koreans have a monopoly on it. FDD (fatal disease dramas) are just too boring. Once you've seen one, you've seen 99% of them.

This show feels a little bit disjointed. Some parts are really good and feel like one of those artistic/indy movie feel and some parts are so pedestrian jdorama. eg the work clothes for the zoo staff are too clean. Some of the cinematography is nice but sometimes it reverts back to typical camera work. Generally acting is strong, pace is ok and I'm looking forward to see how this story will go.

Verdict: watchable


Anonymous said...

Hrm yes I agree about Kame. His work pipeline will dry up very soon. The only reason why he managed to be in Tatta after the Sapuri disaster is because the ink on the contract was too dry to pull him out. (I'm guessing) I don't know what people see in him anyway. I mean, he looks pretty ugly to me, reminds me of that another ugly dude from Anego. It seems like casting directors are trying to teach us what good looking guys are supposed to look like.

And yeah what a complete waste of Toda Erika >:O Thank god for Nodame this season.

Akiramike said...

I really hope you are right. The problem is girls seem to drool over him and that anego dude while people like me think bishounen spell the end of jdoramas.

Yeah, can't believe they relegated Toda Erika to such a small role. IMO,ppl from Johnny's should be limited to supporting role until they prove that they can actually act andnot because legions of fangirls demand it.