Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mitsuya Yoko

Thanks to Kaji-shonen and turtleae86, I've got the name of the actress playing Nagasawa Yuki in ep 9 of Kekkon Dekinai Otoko; Mitsuya Yoko. According to she's been in quite a few shows including something called 69.....

She's got a blog here: Anyways, it was really fun rewatching ep 9 with subs. 1st I've gotta say thought I wouldn't classify her looks as goddess level (mostly cause of ehr lazy eyes), she certainly as that innocent + playful look which really suited her appearance in this ep. Its fun just watching Kuwano having fun for once and seeing the others squirm.

And the preview for ep 10, is just too exciting. I haven't been so crazy about a dorama since densha. I'm glad that a good show like this is getting good ratings without having a bishounen as the main actor. Mitsuya Yoko pics are stolen from scanlover.

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Craig said...

OMG *drool*