Sunday, September 17, 2006

The girls of Kaneda

Was planning to write about the shows that I'm not watching. But then whinging about how crap Sapuri is, is not as fun as talking about Kekkon Dekinai Otoko. The discussion thread at d-addicts, while lacking the numbers of say Sapuri are pretty interesting with people trying to dissect the characters and plotlines of this show.

So let's look at the enigmatic Kaneda. Someone said his name can be taken to mean 'to have money'. Kuwano regards him as a rich fella who doesn't work but picks up chicks all day. However, Kuwano isn't exactly poor. The problem for me is I have no idea how Kaneda fits in the scheme of the plot. I can get the idea that he is sort of the opposite of Kuwano.

Hhhm, nice cleavage. Keneda's pretending to look straight ahead...

But he is in no means 'evil'. Sure he may be 'fake', but so what. He is the hero for all guys to emulate. I mean, he manages to hook a different girl every episode. He's not some stuck up, spoilt brat. At least he greets Kuwano each time they meet at the bar. He certainly has much better social skills than Kuwano.

This lady is not worth picking up bowling for...

Sometimes, he functions has Kuwano's other voice. Like ep 9 where Kaneda goes out with a much younger girl and he confidently tells her that the age gap is no problem and he can still keep up. Perhaps Kuwano was thinking that if he had confidently returned her call, he would have had a shot.

I think this was the girl who wanted Kaneda to meet her dad..

Or like Kaneda picking up bowling to pick up a girl. That's the direct opposite of Kuwan's odus operandi. Kuwano does not want to inconvenient himself to satisfy others. He does want to orbit around the lives of others. Even to get jobs, he hates sucking up to ppl.

I actually wanted to write about the story behind the girls in every episode and try to correllate that with the story. But taking the caps just took too long and recapping all the eps and rewatching the Kaneda scenes would take up too much time. Its goddamn 11.30pm on Sun and I haven't done anything this weekend. And I have to get up at 7 tomorrow. Fuck. And I haven't watched ep 11 with subs yet. Sigh, how I long for the days of being a jobless bum...

Lol, 1st ep where Kuwano tries to take the picture of Kaneda's girl.


joeboygo said...

I'm so with you on this bud. I started off watching Sapuri and Kekkon, but ended up dropping Sapuri completely because re-watching old Kekkon episodes proved infinitely more interesting than seeing a new episode of Sapuri. Kekkon is much more densely detailed, and more skilfully executed. And, Kekkon is a man's show, while Sapuri is a girly, touchy-feely mess. That's something I won't dare say on the d-addicts board, but we're all blokes here aren't we?

For all their big talk about wanting sincerity and the things that "really matter," women tend to fall for the slick pick-up line, the fancy cars and getups, and all the other superficial stuff they ostensibly decry. Guys have to pull a Kaneda in order to score. Kuwano is a fairy tale for dudes who dream of being able to attract women by just being their honest, hard-working but drab selves. How often does that ever happen?

tUrtleAE86 said...

Oddly enough.. Kaneda is married to Rieko in real life!

Lucky bastard.. haha

tUrtleAE86 said...

Err... I think I meant that Kaneda is married to Sawazaki in real life.. =]

Akiramike said...

I dropped Sapuri like a ton of bricks after ep 2. As much as I like Shiraishi Miho and the girl from Jyoou no Kyoushitsu, there's so many things wrong with the show. There's nothing wrong with girly, touchy-feely as long as its done well.

Plus the fact that KDO is head n shoulders above ur typical jdorama. I do agree its nice to see a more realistic dude as a lead in a jdorama. Now I just need a neighbour like Michiru and a doctor like Natsumi.