Thursday, September 14, 2006

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko 11

Another fucking brilliant episode. This show is so good, I don't feel like watching anything else. It seems like someone besides me is stalking Michiru-chan and Natsumi volunteers Kuwano for the job as Michiru's protector. How cool would it be if Kuwano was actually the 'stalker'.

What follows is your typical but funny misunderstanding by Eiji and Kuwano's family and ends with the cliffhanger we all want to see. They sorta revealed it in the previews but goddammit, a good cliffhanger is still a good cliffhanger.

Hello nurse!

Can't believe there's only 1 more episode to go. I know 12 is the max no of eps but ffs, someone please extend this show to 15 eps. Milk this goddamn show dry. Do a side story about Kaneda. I don't care. I don't want it to end.

Speaking of Kaneda, I've figured his role in this show. Usually the protagonist and antagonist are both sides of the same coin. Since this show has no main villian Kaneda is like what Kuwano may/could have been. I guess the brother in law represents the life that Kuwano doesn't want. Still, storyline wise, I don't see a purpose for Kaneda's existence.

If I have one complaint, its that Kuwano has lots too much of his stubborness and idiosyncrasies. Or perhaps its more that recently he has not been put in situations where he can be an arsehole to others. Its interesting how Michiru and Natsumi have grown close throughout the series might possibly become enemies. I don't care how ep 12 ends as long as its not a non-ending.


Joeboygo said...

Like you, I think the writers artfully set up Kaneda as an anti-Kuwano. Remember the discussion between Michiru and Natsumi about the ideal man? Kaneda is the poser who preys on these naive notions, while Kuwano is the genuine article, they just don't know it yet (but soon). Kaneda is the phony flash, Kuwano is the gritty substance. At first, the contrast appeared to flatter Kaneda, but as we near the end of the show, we can see who the writers deemed the real hero.

Kaneda may not be so useless after all.

BTW, check out my pm in your d-addicts inbox.

Akiramike said...

Perhaps but we don't know anything about Kaneda professionally. Kuwano thinks Kaneda doesn't do anything cause that part of his site is still 'in construction'.

Can never figure out why Kuwano and Eiji are checking out his site everyday. Isn't it more fun to check out some jav/gravure actress' blog?