Monday, September 11, 2006

Kekkon Dekinai Otoko 10

After Mitsuya Yoko's appearance in ep 9, ep 10 was going to be a bit flat. If ep 9 is a visual feast, ep 10 is a combination of entres and desert. Basically ep 10 is about Sawazaki's role in Kuwano's life. Everyone knows what is going to happen at the end of the episode. The fun is getting there.

Michiru feeling the evilness of Kuwano's mom.

First, we have Kuwano's mom going on the attack and just she was setting her sights on Michiru, she quickly coughed up Sawazaki's name. At this moment I start to realise that this is sorta like a harem manga, except its for older people. There's no fan service, no ecchi situations with sexual connotations but goddammit, Kuwano now has 3 good looking women in his life.

3 hot ladies in black. Maybe I should start crashing Japanese funerals....

The fun doesn't really start until Michiru confesses to Sawazaki that she sold her out. You can see the subtle changes in Hayasaka-sensei's face when Michiru talks about Kuwano's mom and her match-making efforts. And Sawazaki seems to notice it too.

One of the most deceiving screencaps ever, lol.

The one issue that I can't really decide is whether Sawazaki has a thing for Kuwano or did she say that line about being with Kuwano to provoke Hayasaka, just like Hayasaka told her to lie to Kuwano about changing jobs. Its hard to say cause Sawazaki's been with Kuwano so long that you can't tell whether its friendship or something else.

And funniest scene goes to Michiru 'finding out' about Kuwano and Ken-chan. Its like the wife finding out the husband sleeping with the dog or something like that, lol. And Kuwano telling Ken-chan to go after Michiru, pure comedy gold.

Michiru pissed off that everyone's abandoned her. Don't worry, you can always be my roommate!

Sadly there's only two more episodes to go and that line that Michiru says in the preview of ep 11; who is she talking about? Eiji or Kuwano? Its can't be Eiji, can it? I mean, he's a pure non-developed supporting character. It has to be Kuwano? Dare I hope? Were my ears deceiving me? Why is the kombini girl not in ep 11? What the fuck am I going to do with my life after ep 12?

Big thanks to incyphe for releasing the subs so quickly.

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