Tuesday, September 19, 2006

KDO: Final countdown

The final ep of Kekkon Dekinai Otoko just aired tonight. Hopefully, gryzze will have started seeding when I wake up. If, not I probably will have to rush back home during lunch time. After work, I'll sit down with some kfc + coke and enjoy the final episode.

Now is the time for predictions of what the ending will be. There's a part of me that says, whatever the ending is, as long as its told well like the rest of the show, I'll be happy. But then I remember shows like Love Complex and Hikon Kazoku. Show I was going to enter into my top 10 until I watched the last episode.

But KDO is special. Its a show that's so good not because gimmicks and eye candy but because it has interesting characters. I have said that I don't want this show to end. Now I'm not so sure. Milking it would just diminish Kuwano as a character.

There is villian to be defeated in this show. The story is about the journey that Kuwano takes when he meets Natsumi and Michiru. He has never (willingly) let anyone into his place. The moment he does, (my money's on Natsumi) the journey ends. Of course non-ending would help lengthen the story but is there a story to tell?Lengthening the story for no reason than to milk it only cheapens the storyline and the characters.

Tomorrow night as we non-Japanese fans watch the final episode of KDO, we should be glad that in this season with crap like Sapuri and Dandori there is at least one show out there with no bishounen main character who looks like a pussy. We should be happy that there's a show out there with characters so real that we feel we know them too well to say goodbye.We should be happy that there's a show out there that has smart humour; jokes that require a bit of brain power.

Come to think about it, KDO is probably the first show that I don't want to end because I've grown too attached to the characters. Usually for good doramas, you just want to see what happens in the end. I just want to see Kuwano, Natsumi and Michiru get into all sorts of trouble.

IMO, the only way to do a dorama special would be the Michiru ending. A non ending is just stupid because you can't reset the show back to the status quo in ep 9 like the Scarlett Witch saying 'no more mutants'. The show reached the point of no return with the ep 11 chilffhanger. And we probably need Natsumi's dad and Sawazaki to right the 'wrong'.

Again, the one thing that keeps pointing to a non-ending is Michiru. As long as she doesn't koukuhaku in ep 12, there's a chance to stretch the story. Only problem is it'll be like ur typical harem anime.


Anonymous said...

Hi Akiramike, I just wanted to say, thanks for turning me onto this show! It's one of the best J-dramas I've seen in a while! (And I normally don't watch them anymore, because living in Japan, you're so inundated with them that they seem pedestrian.) But KDO was really special. The characters were great. I've fallen in love with Natsumi. Anyway, just to let you know that I saw the finale last night on TV. No spoilers, but suffice to say, it was as satisfying and yet as realistic an ending as one could hope for. I do think a special or even a sequel is possible, for us to catch up with the characters down the road.

Once again, thanks for always writing about KDO!

Akiramike said...

I watch a lot of jdoramas and a lot of them are very pedestrian. When a gem like KDO comes along, I just go crazy and have to tell/show everyone about it.

Anonymous said...

There is a little of Kuwano in all of us... sometimes I cringe at the similarity...

Anonymous said...

Abe groundbreaking role - this guy can act! If only there is a sequel/prequel