Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ogura Yuko - Yuko Ring 2005

OMFG, I am going to die of kawaiiness............

Yuko Ring is a Mini Concert that Ogura Yuko held in January 2005. I'm guessing the name of the concert is a play off her nickname Yukorin. So let's have a look at this 30 minute show.

Song #1 - Daijoubu....

Yukorin looks nervous here, not as bad as her tv appearances though. Plus the fact that she is miming miming means she doesn't have to worry about her singing. Not my favourite song, a bit catchy but forgetable.

Song #2 - Mune no Ringtone

Two backup dancers appear and Yukorin seems more relaxed now. Otherwise a Zzzzzzzzz song. Maybe she should do a cover of Mini Moni's telephone ring song. Maybe not.

Song #3 - Koi No Juman Papapipupa

I like this song. It really suits her childish voice. Maybe I just like Ogura going papapipupepopepo over and again again.

Song #4 - Omoide no Yukimi da Ifuku

The less said, the better.

Song #5 - Koi No Shoobydooba

Yuko's jumping around in a flimsy dress and the stupid camera stays above waist level. Gggggrrr. One of her better songs, just for the chorus. Yukorin throws some rubber balls at the audience during the song.

Of note, is the part in the end of the song where the music stops and Yuko reminds everyone why she was miming all the while. Still props for her for daring to sing without music.

Song #6 - Futari


I'd love to hear Yukorin sing this one without miming just for the heck of it. Decent but forgetable slow song. Yukorin should stick to faster paced songs that don't require much singing ability.

Song #7 - Yume ga Kanau You ni ~Mi Rapo Makikireeche~

She looks a but like Nono in this pic. Maybe its just the hair.

I'm shocked that I've never given this song any notice before. I don't think this song was even a b-side. (I could be wrong) This is the perfect Yuko song; fast paced so she just needs to jump around and relatively easy to sing but and a catchy chorus.

Ok, maybe it has something to do with the kawaii neko ears she is wearing or maybe those short pink hotpants. Maybe it was because she somehow seemed so relaxed singing this song and waving and jumping around. Maybe its cause I was waving around in unison in front my pc.

There's a certain energy in this performance that was missing from the others. Maybe Yukorin's just happy to get away from the otaku crowd drooling at her every move. Whatever the reason I fucking love this performance.

They should really make a PV for this song. If Kylie can regain her fame with her golden hotpants in 'Spinning around', Yukorin can reach superstardom with her pink hotpants and neko ears.

I have to say, Yukorin is much more comfortable singing on a small stage than singing on tv. And I think the presence of the backup dancers helped her a lot. Kinda reminds me of Goto Maki's first solo performance on tv. Although she had been in Momusu for some time, she was visibly nervous. Maybe Yukorin intentionally plays up her nervousness on tv? Nah......

Overall Yuko Ring is only for Yuko fans and I thought 'Yume ga Kanau yo Ni' kinda saved it. Its a shame that she doesn't sing 'Vitamin Love' and 'Onna no ko Otoko no ko'. I thought those two songs were out by late 2004.

Notice the dude waving the Ogura Yuko doll wearing a costume from Koi no shibudooba?

I'm just posting this cap from Koi no Shibudooba for the hell of it.


huntherx17 said...

yeah too bad she didn't sing vitamin love or otokonoko onnanoko or even eien love rin. but it's still worth watching just coz Yuko's so cute.

Akiramike said...

Yeah, I could watch her doing anything and be happy. :)

tUrtleAE86 said...

lol.. I just watched that old "Ai no Apron" episode where Yuko-chan puts a bar of chocolate into the croquettes she was making.

Not a huge fan of her singing, but other than that.. =]