Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jyoou no Kyoushitsu ep 10

OMFG, what a fucking good episode. I love the way how Maya never admits that she's actually a 'good teacher'. Sorta like how 'good people' must never say they are good but rather show it through their actions. The moment someone proclaims him/herself to be 'holy' like those right wing Christians, the more they invite their actions to scrutiny and cease to be 'doing good for the sake of doing good'. To know the path, one must walk the path; not proclaim to ppl that they are doing it.

Oh no, Kazumi's mom doing the teehee. IMO, the teehee is as infectious as the Aiin~~. Japan should pass a law to outlaw women over 30 from doing the teehee.

And Kazumi hits us with a double dose of teehee......

Another highlight of the ep are some cute moments between Kazumi and Yusuke. Not to sure whether the extra meaning of Aloha though. One complaint though: not enough Hikaru! Pls give her something to do in the last ep!!!!!

If I were 13 years younger, I'd be very jealous of Yusuke.

The highlight is the students confronting Maya about her machiavellian style and she gives really good answers. Maya finally reveals the reason she was sent to the re-education centre. While the revelation is nothing earth shattering, its something I didn't think of and it really fits Maya's character. You can't blame her for doing what she did and you can't blame the education ministry for doing what they did.

The most exciting part is the preview of the last ep. OMFG, I want to watch it so bad. Everyone knows how its going to play out but it doesn't make it any less exciting. There was so much emotion in that 10 second preview! This dorama is about building up characters and taking them on a journey. Though the journey of Maya and her students is about to end, I'm so looking forward to it. Based of the preview of ep 11, there's no way they can fuck up this dorama, right?

Fingers crossed. The past year I've watched so many good doramas that are fucked up because of crappy last eps. Sigh.

The class deciding resistance is futile against the Queen.

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