Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kago caught smoking!

According to Mainichi Daily News, Friday has once again 'caught' another member of HP. This time Kago was photographed smoking in a restaurant. The first thing that hit me was that they allow smoking in restaurants in Japan?! Sounds like my kind of country.

So will Kago be forced to quit W? Will Tsuji in a show of solidarity smoke during a press conference with Kago? I'm more interested in how many ciggies she smokes a day and what brand. :) (Definitely lights) Can't wait for the pictures to hit the net.

On a related note, Kago just turned 18 like 2 days ago. Maybe it was a celebratory thing; Kago going on a drinking and smoking binge. Can't believe Kago has been in the industry for 6 years now and she's still as funny and kawaii as ever. Before Kago I never thought people as kawaii and funny as anime characters could actually exist. I mean watching Kago is like overdosing on kawaii.

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