Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kuitan eps 1-3

Warning: Do not watch this dorama without food in front of you!

Kuitan is a a detective who loves food. Basically almost every moment you see him on screen, he is eating. The moment he finishes his meal, he's on the lookout for his next. And the best part is, he solves cases by eating. The problem with the endless eating is that I always end up feeling very hungry watching this dorama and whatever I'm eating never tastes as good as what the food looks like in the show.

Yes, Kuitan eat u must! I'd never thought I'd see a dorama where the hero has to eat to save a girl. :)

Not as bad as Shota no Sushi though. I remember my stomach growling like mad even though I was pretty full and had a bucket of KFC in front of me. I don't why why but sushi is so delicious to look at.

Another interesting thing to note is the way Kuitan wields his chopsticks like a sword, complete with his own chopstick 'scabbard'.

Beware Kuitan's chopsticks of doom!

Its not really must watch dorama. Its not as funny. But Kuitan is cool and the food is mouth watering. So far the cases have been good and I would rate the dorama as very watchable. Just don't watch this with Lunch Queen and Oishii Kankei in the same sitting. (On a side note, whatever happened to Oishii Kankei anyway?)

The Densha Henshin Tigers dude seems to be everywhere lately. Too bad the girl is only in ep 3. :(

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