Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jyoou no Kyoshitsu ep 9

Queen Maya unleashes the parents on the kids and they get desperate. The parents come to discuss their futures with the Queen and she holds them ransom with information about their secrets.

They idiotic kids think that if they erase the data from the Queen's notebook, everything will be all right. Obviously they've never heard of diskettes, cds, dvds, flash disks, megaupload etc. They break into school and access her notebook but off course Maya has an extra copy. Seriously, either Japanese kids are not technology savvy or the writer is just lazy.

I love the way the colours become dull when Maya appears.

With their back against the wall, the kids have only one recourse; confront their parents with the truth. And we have a nice scene where the kids pour the souls out their parents. However as, Yusuke ojisan, I mean obasan said, that seems to have been part of the Queen's plan.

Perhaps the Queen is not as evil as the kids think. She kinda reminds me of the oni-coach from Attck No.1. In order to build the foundation of a good team, he had to be a demon to ensure that the people who became the foundation were strong enough. What does not kill you only makes you stronger. What nearly kill you makes you even stronger. (sounds like Super Saiyans in Dragonball Z)

The Queen played the demon so that the students would emerge stronger and be able to take responsibility for themselves. The question then is, how can she be so sure that she would succeed? After all, the kids could have easily turned against each other and destroyed the class. They would have become distrusting and vengeful if not for Kanda, Yusuke and Shindo.

After seeing Fukuda Mayuko in Byaku Yakou, she needs more scenes in Jyoou. Her acting in that show was just superb.

The one problem with turning Maya face (hero) is that a hero is only as good as the villian. The show was great because Maya was a bloody brilliant heel (villian). Now she's the a face, who's going to be the main heel to make the remaining two episodes exciting? The Tokyo Education board?

Their just doing their job investigating a complaint. Certainly not the students. I suspect the villian will have something to do with Maya's past, which Shiori sensei's father knows about. There's not much time to build up something for Maya to fight against.

I love Shindo's look of contempt here. gwahahahaha. Yes, I love misery.

I kinda liked how Maya left them with no choice but to confront their parents. On the other hand I found the ending of ep 9 to be too 'happy'. The fun thing about the show was seeing the misery of the characters. The kids struggling against their parents and the Queen. The tone of this show is misery, goddammit. Even the music screams this is a show about misery, manipulation and frailty of humans. On a side note, I fucking love the soundtrack. Whoever wrote the music deserves a big raise.

Oh well, fingers crossed that ep 10 will introduce some huge and compelling problem.

Preview of ep 10. So it looks like Shindo will be fighting for Maya.........

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