Sunday, January 07, 2018

2018 Japan New Year trip part 1: Kamakura and Enoshima

Just came back yesterday from an end of the year Japan trip and would like to share some pictures from the two week trip.

Jdorama fans will be familiar with the name Kamakura. Its the beautiful seaside town often featured in jdoramas like Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi. Its only about an hours train ride from Tokyo but I recommend anyone to stay the night at a ryokan.

That's the view of Enoshima island which is at the end of the Enoden train line. The Enoden line stars with Kamakura.

If you like to surf, Kamakura is the place for you, even in winter.

Kamakura is also an awesome place to see Fujisan.

Despite being end of December, Kamakura was actually the warmest place we had been during this trip thanks to the abundance of sun.

Kamakura is so beautiful.

We checked into our ryokan and made our way to Enoshima station.

Just a short walk away from Enoshima station is the island.

Plenty of lanterns and hawker food on the way up.

The main attraction is the Shonan no Hoseki Winter Illumination.

Now I've seen quite a few illuminations in but this just makes everything else look small and insignificant.

Pictures cannot do Shonan no Hoseki any justice...

.. because everywhere you turned it was just a field of lights.

It just felt so otherworldly.

Shonan no Hoseki will be on until February 18 so if you are going to be in Japan this time, its a must go!

After Enoshima we went to a local izakaya where we got some interesting information from the locals.

There is a certain crossroad along the Enoden line which is very popular among Taiwanese and Hong Kong tourists. There are always tourists there all day and the train line even has someone to managed the traffic there.

Can you guess why?

Its the crossroad of one of the most famous anime openings ever from Slam Dunk!

I kept hearing the theme song Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai in my head.

I would definitely go back to Kamakura again.

Great scenery, lots of temples, plenty of places to eat and of course, onsen!


Sonna~ said...

The Saigo Kara music actually started playing in my head when I saw these pictures. Very nice. Being here reminds me that I need to review which j-dramas are coming out this season.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics of wonderful places. But...would it be awfully shallow of me to request some photos of the FOOD?

dgundam said...

hi mike, was planning on going to japan with my fiancee next year, and kamakura looks like a beautiful place to go to. both of us dont really speak japanese (i can understand a little), are the ryokan u want to tourist english friendly?

Akiramike said...

@dgundam I stayed at Kakiya Ryokan in Kamakura. I think they speak English and best of all its got a private onsen! Congrates on your engagement!

@anon Not much food pictures this time.