Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018 Japan New Years trip Part 3 : Izu Shaboten Zoo and Teddy Bear Museum

This was actually the first time I had gone to Shizuoka prefecture. First we took a shinkansen to Atami. Some of you might recognise that name from Atami Sousakan.

From Atami station we took a train to Ito.

And then a bus to the train station nearby the zoo..

At this train station there was a hot spring for warming of feet. I certainly did no want to leave this place.

The main reason we went all the way to Izu was not to see these poor fellas trying to warm themselves in the winter but this fella below.

A capybara. The biggest rodent ever. There are basically giant hamsters.

You could buy some grass for 200 yen and feed these already overfed animals and pet them.

Izu Shaboten Zoo has plenty of other animals as well and the interesting thing is that you can get close with plenty of them and some of them even roam free like the monkeys and peacocks.

The main event we came for was the capybara onsen where the fat, overfed capybara get to enjoy Japan's greatest invention.

We can see dad Capybara hogging the best spot as the hot spring gushes forth.

 I have never been jealous of animals until now.

Should have booked a ryokan instead of making this a day trip.

This is what bliss feels like.

 View of Fuji-san from Izu Shaboten Zoo.

Next to the zoo was this hill were you could ride the cable cars up to the top and get a panoramic view of the area. We didn't have time to try it though. Maybe next time.

It's also got a My Neighbour Totoro exhibit.

Really old teddy bears from when they first came into existence.

The level of detail in this one is incredible.

Tonari no Tottoro...

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