Monday, January 29, 2018

Byplayers Episodes 1-7

I wasn't that interested in Byplayers when I first read about it despite the fact that it had some of my favourite actors. I show about 6 actors living in the same house so they bond before shooting a big movie? How interesting would that be? Since Byplayers got subbed or at least the first 7 episodes, I decided to give it a go and so far its been a fun ride.

Its so much fun watching actors that I've seen in so many shows playing themselves, especially Endo Kenichi, Osugi Ren, Matsushige Yutaka (Kodoku no Gurume) and Terajima Susume (Every Beat Takeshi movie).

To me, its less about 6 people living in the same house but more about the world of acting. About how its like any other job where various people with their own idiosyncrasies have to work together. About how actors feel about the public perception of their roles. About how a scandal can derail a supporting actors career. (If you are a Johnny, scandals are like water over a ducks back) About how actors give it their all even for tokusatsu shows.

Byplayers is a love letter to doramas and movies and the actors that entertain us and support whichever unworthy idoru the tv stations want to use as a ratings grab. Featuring a myriad of cameos, Byplayers is a strong contender to be a must watch show.

With five episodes to go and the big reveal already done in episode 7, lets see whether it can maintain its quality and surely Kita Yoshio has to make an appearance. Thanks to jc1782 for subbing the first 7 episodes and f u to the streamers who took his/her subs and removed all credit. Very watchable.


Anonymous said...

This show reminds me mocumentary doramas as“Okodawari”,_Watashi_ni_mo_Kure_yo!! and the one with Yamada Takayuki. You don`t know what is real or scripted. I`m actually curious is true that Macchan good at housekeeping lol

Anonymous said...

Did you see that Yami no Bansosha is getting a second season? Not related to Byplayers, sorry.

Akiramike said...

@anon: Second season of Yami no Bansosha???? Thanks for the great news! Looking forward to it very much.