Sunday, December 24, 2017

Keiji Yugami Episodes 7-10

The last two episodes were pretty good. I didn't even realise who the actor playing Yokoshima was until very late. Though the individuals stories just wasn't good enough to make this a must watch, the chemistry between the characters kept me interested.

As for why the individual crime stories seemed lacklustre, I guess its because they sort of had this generic afternoon police drama feel instead of being gritty crime stories.

The ending sets up the sequel to Keiji Yugami though they'll have to think of a different name for season 2. I don't know what's so great about Yokoshima as a villain though. He's just a hack writer who committed rape 20 years ago. I guess its because he's the villain created by Yugami in order to protect a little girl.

Looking forward to season 2 of whatever the sequel will be called for more Yugami and Hanyu banter!


Anonymous said...

But how long they gonna keep Hanyu a virgin tho

Akiramike said...

He should lose his virginity only when the show finishes. They should make it a running gag where every he's about to get it on, the girl gets unmasked as the criminal.

Anonymous said...

There were several shows entirely based on that idea - "Unobore Deka" and "Kimi Hannin Janai yo ne?".

Anonymous said...

"I don't know what's so great about Yokoshima as a villain though"
I guess it`s because the actor didn`t pulled off his character. On paper he kidnaped a girl with armed thugs, raped her mother and overally was creepy af... But the actor has such a kind face all the time is soo unbelievable *eyeroll*