Monday, December 04, 2017

7 things I like about Keiji Yugami Episodes 1-6

1) Asano Tadanobu, Kamiki Ryunosuke and Inamori Izumi have great chemistry. Asano and Kamiki are constantly trying to one up each other. Kamiki is always teasing Asano about Inamori entering the police force the same year as him yet Inamori is now his boss. Their banter feels very natural.

2) No incompetent police officers scowling and not doing any work. I can't believe a non-WOWOW show has realised that it is so unnecessary!

3) Ohgo Suzuka in episode 1. How many years has it been since Sexy Voice and Robo and why can't she get a major role.

4) Ohgura Yuko in episode 1.  She can't act and she can't sing so she's just right for a small cameo. If only it were the same for every talento.

5) Anyone could see the twist coming in episode 1 but it still made great viewing because of the acting.

6) I like the build up of Asano's hacker girl and how they slowly reveal information about her each episode.

7) Asano and Kamiki's constant game of one-upmanship.


 The first episode was the best and the 5 following episodes were a bit up and down but I still kept watching cause of the characters. Kamiki is still too young to be a detective but his chemistry with Asano is great. Surprisingly very watchable series. Thanks to Ra168E and Anon for the recommendation. You can get the series with English subs at nyaa here.


Anonymous said...

You have to watch episode 9. Things are getting more interesting!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying this - agree with your observations and would add that I really like the opening credit and that it's peppered with little funny scenes in the background. Sadly, I'm not 100% sold on the cases, they are so far all a bit meh.

Buck said...

I'm surprised to learn that it was adapted from a manga. I think it's the first time that a rookie detective is not annoying and sends his team to danger because of his cheap ethics. Some cases are not very interesting, but I don't miss any episode since it's still the best of the bunch outside WOWOW dramas.