Saturday, March 11, 2017

Why Quartet episodes 6 and 7 are must watch

1) Sakamoto Yuji might be the greatest jdorama writer ever. He bloody gets character.How the hell did he managed to think of these four quirky characters put them together and make them so fun.

2) Episode 6 with the story of Maki's marriage is just so beautiful and sad and completely fits her character.

3) Episode 7 dinner table scene. Very, very few people can create those excruciating scenes like in Soredemo Ikite Yuku and Woman where you are holding your breath, feeling tension emanating from the screen except this time, its a melancholic climax where the only thing that happens is acceptance and it is beautiful.

4) Matsu Takako is almost a shoo in for the Hamsapsukebe best actress award. I would love to see someone beat her though.

5) Everyone ignoring Beppu's pun at the end of episode 7.

6) Matsu Takako imitating Mitsushima Hikari.

If you're not watching Quartet, something is wrong with you!


Cyberwave said...

I can only think of Kimura Yoshino in nearby age group who can reach Matsu Takako's level. Her perfect performance as the role of Maki really overshadows the rest of Quartet team. Mitsushima's acting is great as usual, especially in her side story in Ep 8. I think she is in the comfort zone in this drama. Suzume is quite ordinary comparing to the mysterious Maki.

IMO the strength of Sakamoto Yuji lies in human emotions more than suspense story. The unrequited love between Quartet members is more eye-catchy for me.

Anonymous said...

S-A-J is really one of great script in tv show i ever see and maybe the best fit in story i ever see
this drama deserve 30% ratting but it will never get even 10% because it not have any cute song or dance step
or have some really ugly villain for good girl to slaying.