Sunday, March 05, 2017

Okaasan, Musume wo Yamete ii desu ka? Episodes 1-6

I was going to ignore 'Mom, May I quit being your daughter' because of Haru. I hated her casting in Border as she was way too young to be playing a coroner. I just hate the way jdoramas always age down their characters to the point of unbelievability and it told me that Haru is just another overpushed actress. Bframe told me that Musume wo yamete was not bad and I gave it a shot.


+ Its a psychological show about a mom and daughter who are too relient on each other. Daughter lives to please mother and looks at her mom's face before making decisions while mom encourages such behaviour and treats her like a doll.

+ Its an analogy of Japanese society in that its about trying to hard to please other people and putting up with things to the point of putting on too much stress on oneself.

+ The father's company wants to get rid of him and puts him in a room with other colleagues doing menial jobs, trying to get them to quit out of boredom. I've read about such things in the news but its the first time I've seen it in jdoramas that I can remember.

+ The parallel between Haru's story and her student's.
+ The acting is not bad. Nothing to complain about.

+ Get to see how Japanese actually learn English in class and it explains a lot of things. lol

Can't believe Japanese students are learning what Australia Day is for (question 3). I'm pretty sure most Aussies don't even know.


- This 'wall' appears in episode 6 and I did not buy the build up.

- Not confident in the ending despite liking the characters.


= They managed to make the Smurfs Lullaby into such an ominous song. :)


Surprisingly watchable. Let's see where the last two episodes go.


Buck said...

Oh thanks for the recommendation. I was contemplating about whether to watch it since the writer has about equal number of hits and misses but I watched the teacher-student conversations the other day and I was intrigued.

dgundam said...

eehh? i always thought that you were an haru fan mike. thats why everytime i see a drama with her, i automatically think that, ahh mike is going to watch this cuz of haru lol.
as for me i dont like haru not because of her acting but because all the roles shes being placed in she doesnt look like it would fit.
i was hesitant on watching this show from the summary, but i guess i'll give it a try. only show ive been really watching is the abe sadao fyukakyon one, its pretty much a typical studying for an exam drama.