Sunday, March 26, 2017

Quartet Episodes 9+10

1) Matsu Takako has basically guaranteed herself the best actress award from 2017 The only way she would lose is if Mitsushima Hikari or Ando Sakura played the lead role in another Sakamoto Yuji dorama this year.

2) Its nice to see Sakamoto Yuji return to form after that oversentimental Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite kitto Naite Shimau. While we're on that subject, can some Japanese politician please pass a law restricting the number words possible in a jdorama title?

3) While Quartet is a masterpiece, its still not in the rarified stratosphere of instant classic titles like Soredemo Ikite Yuku or KDO.

4) I would rank Quartet among Sakamoto Yuji's best works below Soredemo Ikite Yuku and Mosaic Japan and above everything else including Last Christmas, Woman, Mother, Chase, Itoshi Kimi E, Saikou no Rikon and Tokyo Love Story. That is a crazy good body of work that any writer would kill to have. Maybe I should give Mondai no Aru restaurant another go? Nah.

5) I love how Suzume shrugs her shoulders after getting a hug from Arisu as if to nulify it.

6) The humour in Quartet is perfect. Its not dumb anime humour but rather smart wordplay jokes that reveal so much about the characters and I love how the jokes always come full circle. Takahashi Issei's deadpan expressions are gold.

7) I love how the ending doesn't give closure to the romantic storylines because Quartet is ultimately about friendship.

8) I do not want a second season or a stupid dorama special. Please! Don't ruin is prefect jdorama!

9) I will never look at karaage with lemon and parsley the same way again.

10) How I hate that backstabbing, thieving Arisu who works at the restaurant. I can't believe the ending that Sakamoto Yuji gave her!

11) 10 episodes is just the magic number of episodes to spend time with these 4 wonderful people.

11) Quartet is a magical show about people trying to find their place in the world and do something meaningful and their friendship as they help and accept each other for who they are. If you are not watching Quartet, you don't deserve to be watching jdoramas.


Cyberwave said...

IMO Arisu is the character who makes the story turns meh in Ep 5-7. Other than that the remaining episodes are great, esp. Ep 8-10 which are superb in plot & acting. Sakamoto finally gets back in shape after that disappointing long-name drama & the pretentious "feminist restaurant".

Unknown said...

"If you are not watching Quartet, you don't deserve to be watching jdoramas."
I really want to tell alot of people this lin but they will slug me like a stray dog
becuse soooo much people are love "Nigeru wa Haji" or
any drama/movie that lead but sota and kento no matter how suck it is

toltally agree whit you on this is masterpiece bot still below seredemo because is not much.
in to human drama is pure magic script

i think alis ending it good maybe Sakamoto want to tell that life is unpredictable
even a bitch can have a good time.

and you know what? Nikkansports Dorama Grand Prix latest award
not to mention a bout wining award is don't even have Quartet in they first 5 list
how stupid this award could be(well is fan vote award and we all know the result)
and if any award don't give Quartet for best drama this season is instant priceless for me.

because is sooooo much above other drama level but.....last season "Nigeru wa Haji" get all award
gakky even got best actress award OMG are the judge replace with lonely OL and high school kid?

Akiramike said...

@Unknown - That was a great rant. Nigeru Haji's extreme popularity makes me hate it more and I like Hoshino Gen.