Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thrill!! Aka no Sho and Kuro no Sho Eps 1+2

Thrill!! feels like the spiritual successor to Trick with its dry humour and similar characters. First, we have Komatsu Nana (Yume wo Ataereru) in the Nakama Yukie role an OL who works in the general department for the police. She's the smart character of the show and was raised by a swindler father so she is skilled in picking pockets and stuff like that.

Koide Keisuke is the Abe Hiroshi of the show as the not so smart but not so dumb cop who teams up with Komatsu Nana to solve the crimes. There chemistry is not really there for the four episodes so far but they are the central characters for the aka or red episodes.

In the Yabe Kenzo role is Yamamoto Koji as struggling lawyer with no scruples who is not that smart but knows how to run away. He is the highlight of the show for me because he is constantly being used by bad guys to commit crimes and in the end gets rejected by said bad guys when he offers to defend them.

The four episodes so far have been watchable but I'm not feeling the show because it needs more humour and chemistry between the two mains. I don't really remember the mysteries that got solved in Trick but I certainly remember all the bickering that Abe Hiroshi did with Nakama Yukie. I kind of feel the pacing is a bit slow and the episodes could have been trimmed by 5 minutes.

Watchable but I was doing other stuff while watching at the same time.


Buck said...

This is the kind of show I play while doing chores. Watchable, but Koide will forever be a ham actor in my book and the chemistry is nowhere to be seen. Komatsu is surprisingly more pleasant than her typical model persona.

Akiramike said...

@Buck That was actually what I was doing while I was half watching half listening to it.