Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ryu Ga Gotoku 6/Yakuza 6 is coming!

For Jdorama/movie fans, they've got a whole line up of all stars.

First off is Beat Takeshi and his mumbling voice. Thank goodness RGG has Japanese subs or I would have a hard time understanding him.

Next up is Omori Nao who jdorama fans will remember most from Hagetaka. If you have not seen Hagetaka, you don't deserve to call yourself a jdorama fan.

Next up is Miyasako Hiroyuki. Don't know why the cast him as a yakuza but comedians are usually good actors as long as they don't overact.

Maki Youko! One of Japan's best actresses better have a meaty role. She says in the video that her character has a deep connection to Haruka. She says that she has a low voice so she has difficulty doing sounds like kyaa!

FujiTatsu who looks like is playing a weaker character. Fangirls should be happy.

Last and not least, Oguri Shun. Can't believe this guy went from GTO to RGG 6. He says that he was envious of his friend Daito Shunsuke who was in Ryuu ga Gotoku Ishin and got Daito to tell the RGG team that he wanted in.

I hope the story is good like Zero was not crappy like Ishin. I'm very worried about the battle system from the demo. I hope they are smart and go back to the old one.

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