Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Mitsushima Hikari can really sing!

Mitsushima Hikari singing Nakajima Miyuki's Milk 32.

OMFG. I know Mitsushima Hikari was in Folder 5 but my god, her singing is so good. I've been watching Totto Terebi which she gets to sing as well. I'm in love. :) The video is from a concert where lots of great singers sing the legendary Nakajima Miyuki's songs.

In this one she's singing Kome Kome Club's Roman Hikou and her version is 100% better.

And this one is Nakajima Miyuki's Fighto!

Is Japan's arguably best actress also one of the best singers?

Audio only of Mitsushima Hikari singing Fighto! in Osaka.

For old time's sake, Folder 5's believe.

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Cyberwave said...

And in the new One Piece Film Gold, she sings as the character Karina as well. She just likes to show her singing talent in various media platforms instead of actually making a solo album.