Monday, August 15, 2016

Berserk Eps 2-7


+ Finally, the first really good episode of the series in episode 7! Great pacing and action and it got me really excited although I knew exactly what was going to happened. This is the episode fans can show unbranded people and say this is why Berserk is awesome. Unfortunately, its the 7th episode.

+ The last shot of episode 7 gave me goosebumps.

+ They are getting at knowing when to use animation and when to use CG.

+ I'm really enjoying the Puck and Ishidoro manzai comedy team. I usually just glanced over their stuff in the manga but I'm finding them very funny.

+ Rape horse and goat guy didn't get cut out!


- Took them a long time to fix pacing issues. Some scenes still feel a bit rushed. I think pacing is more important than being faithful to the manga.

- They've still kept that horribly drawn intro video. Why not just use the old anime which looks 100% better or Kantaro Miura's art?


= Why do people in this anime not have nipples?

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