Thursday, February 18, 2016

Watashi wo Hanasanaide Eps 1-3

Watashi wo Hanasanaide is about a bunch of kids who are brainwashed into being organ donors. Each episode is bookended by scenes involving Ayase Haruka and Mizukawa Asami who have grown up to be carers and donors.

The directing is just not grim and atmospheric enough to keep my interest because after three episodes, there is no exciting revelation besides the organ donor part. Watashi wo Hanasanaide is in real need of some Kurosawa Kiyoshi Shokuzai type level of directing to keep my interest.

Its a dark story but there is this lack of mood and eeriness. Ayase Haruk and Mizukawa Asami's character are sort of soulless but there is just this complete lack of tension between them.

There's this love triangle thing but the story hasn't given me any reason to care about the characters. The only interesting character is Ayumi Ito's teacher. I can see an alternate WOWOW/NHK show from the teacher's point of view about her slow descent into madness.

I know its based on some famous book but three episodes in I don't have any single reason to continue. This show needs to be cut down to 5 episodes and they should have spent money on a very good director. Its not complete crap but there's no reason to watch it. I should rewatch Shokuzai and see if its as good as I remember it.

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Anonymous said...

its only 7 episodes long though, not that far away from 5