Monday, February 22, 2016

Naomi to Kanako Episode 1

Naomi to Kanako starts off with the scene of best Hirosue Ryoko helping her best friend Uchida Yuki to kill Uchida Yuki's husband. I didn't like Naomi to Kanako starting off with the matricide money scene because it spoils the build up. There's one jdorama last year (which I won't spoil) that did it very well last year.

Unless of course, Naomi to Kanako is about what happens after the murder. At the end of the episode, the murder still hasn't happened but it sets up the characters and Hirosue Ryoko's plan to get away with murder and the husband's annoying sister.

The one thing I enjoyed while wanting Naomi to Kanako to get on with it is Takahata Atsuko's hammy portrayal of the Chinese business lady who takes a liking to Naomi. I enjoyed the part with the Chinese tourists because I've seen some stores in Tokyo that were changed in the past year to accommodate the tourists instead of local residents.

So it looks like Naomi to Kanako is going to be two friends trying to get away with murder show by replacing the husband with a lookalike. I'm not particularly enthused because I can see a karmic story coming but maybe there will be some interesting twists and turns. I'm hoping to give it a couple more episodes because of Hirosue Ryoko and Uchida Yuki but no one has uploaded it to nyaa yet. Best case scenario is that it turns out to be a watchable thriller about a crime cover up that slowly unravels and worst case scenario is that its a straightforward karmic story.


illuu-sama said...


I have enjoyed reading your posts of jdramas for quite some time and if you don't mind leaving an email, i can share the 4 episodes i have with you and update it with the later episodes if you are still interested.

Akiramike said...

Thanks for the offer but I found links for the remaining episodes!

illuu-sama said...

no problems.