Sunday, February 07, 2016

Gonin no Junko

I completely forgot about Gonin no Junko. Thanks to Cyberwave for reminding me about it.

As the name suggests, its a show about 5 women named Junko: Serial killer Junko, personal assistant Junko, call centre Junko, deceased Junko and housewife Junko.

This made for confusing watching at times because I had to stop to make sure which Junko someone was talking about.

My one problem was that the twist could be seen coming from the very beginning.

That's not really the problem but rather I didn't really care about two of the five Junkos: the deceased mother and the apartment housewife.

The show is about how the various Junkos effected each other but I was more concerned with the Matsuyuki Yasuko, Mimura and Koike Eiko story.

I like the idea behind Matsuyuki Yasuko's (playing the assistant of the writer) ending but it reminded me too much of the Suspect X ending.

The personal assistant Junko is the most interesting Junko of the bunch because her motivation is implied throughout the series and we finally see the lengths that she would go for in the end.

As for the super foreseeable twist, we get a twist on that after the credits but it doesn't really have any impact on the story for me.

Gonin no Junko just didn't work for me. In the beginning, Matsuyuki Yasuko says a line about the butterfly effect but I just didn't feel the any of the effects were particularly interesting.

Gonin no Junko is an OK show where I just feel indifferent about the characters but I could stare into Kobayashi Ryoko's eyes all day.

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