Sunday, February 14, 2016

Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau Episodes 1-4

Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau is the first dorama of the season on my check it out list because its got the great Sakamoto Yuji, current 'it' girl Arimura Kasumi (Biri Gyaru) and of course Kora Kengo.

This must be the first Kora Kengo dorama where is not playing a serial killer but there's still plenty of episodes left to fix that.

The gist of the dorama is Arimura Kasumi is the poor Cinderalla, adopted after mother passed away and being forced to marry Mano Erina's dad from Minna! Esper Dayo!

Kora Kengo is the knight in a shining truck who comes to her rescue but unfortunately they are separated at the end of episode one and have no way to contact each other.

Kora Kengo's character is a simpleton who is popular with the ladies, though not as popular as his best friend.

Yu from Love Exposure is in it as the rich kid who becomes Arimura Kasumi's colleague. He is the character I care the least about and I kept expecting him to start taking upskirt pictures.

The girl from Enka Gold Rush is Kora Kengo's current girlfriend and every character keeps saying how he doesn't really love her which confirms this is the Arimura Kasumi show.

So far, its been pretty good. The thing is, this is all killing time until Kora Kengo and Arimura Kasumi get together so Sakamoto Yuji better have something up his sleeve to make it exciting or else I will be severely tempted to fast forward the next episodes.

As with any anime/dorama with very long titles, its guaranteed to have some sad ending, as if the title wasn't explicit enough.

Anyway, I believe in Sakamoto Yuji because the gentleman knows how to write and IMO, he's got the highest strike rate among jdorama writers.

If there is anyone who can work within the confines of a 'lets try to keep the couple apart from each other as much as we can until the sob ending' jdorama and make it good, its him. Watchable so far and Arimura Kasumi has one of the best smiles in jdoramaland, but not as good as Kurashina Kana's.


kentilll said...

Watchable so far and Arimura Kasumi has one of the best smiles in jdoramaland, but not as good as Kurashina Kana's.

But her cheeks do!

Anonymous said...

i still don't get why ppl hates her so much lol. maybe because i've only seen her in Biri Gal so far. but i think she is a pretty decent actress, at least for me.

kentilll said...

@Anonymous: I think the problem lies on Arimura's inconsistency - she hardly makes two or three consecutive good run. She has some acting chops, particularly on comedy (11 nin mo iru, Amachan and her brief part in Yuusha 2 as fake Murasaki come to mind), but somehow lacks versatility. She stays the same no matter what characters she plays and it makes her in pale comparison to many top performers in her generation (I know, this generation is perhaps one of the best in quite some time in terms of acting skills). This could particularly devastating to her reputation especially when she is handled by dodgy directors who don't know to use her positive traits to great effect.

Bossu said...

I saw a lack of direction here compare to Sakamoto Yuij's previous shows where they were more straightforward, imo. My biggest gripe tho the acting skills clearly aren't on par with top notch acting galore from writer's previous shows, even though here isn't bad either. Yeah I know it's unfair to compare these youngsters with the like of Eita, Machiko Ono, Matsushima Hikari. At least we got Kora Kengo here, he totally nailed it, and tbh I can see why the girls are so into his character. Good news Matsushima Hikari will make a guest appearance in Eps 5!

Akiramike said...

@knteilll: She's this generations Nagasawa Masami. Super protected in role choices, always the cute everyday girl and Masami got exposed in Bushin. I think Arimura might be better but we shall see.

Bossu: Kora Kengo is definitely the star of the show. Can't wait to see Mitsushima as well! At least she won't be playing a t-shit!

kentilll said...

@Bossu: Takahata Mitsuki was in Mondai no Aru Restaurant and she was sublime there, I got your point on the directing, maybe it is why we haven't see her full potential in Itsuka Koi.