Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why Petero no Souretsu is a must watch jdorama

1. Its a mystery dorama that's more concerned with making sense than creating too many swerves.

2. Very even keel in terms of pacing. Every episode leaves me wanting the see what happens next and I never felt they stretched the story too far. I never felt the urge to fast forward and was hanging on every word.

3. Its a mystery story where the more they find out about their busjacker, the more the discover about themselves. People reveal their true nature when faced with difficulties or in this case, a boatload of free money.

4. Sugimura is a Mr Nice guy who is faced with difficult decisions and unlike most shows which are black and white, we get to see him struggle and think through his decisions which creates more empathy and made me think what I would have done in his place.

5. I like how the stories ties everything to a theme ala Kozokugari which in this case is the painting of Peter when he realises what he has done.

6. Not a happy tie, bow-tied ending.

7. The whole series is a slow build up to small but important character moments where the minimum is said but has a much stronger effect than most doramas where there would be a lot of preaching and explaining.

8. Makes me want to see the third dorama in this series.


My body is ready for this game. Someone uploaded a 6 minute long 360p trailer but that's been taken down.

Bloody wish I were in Tokyo right now for this.

Can't wait for the game next year!!!!!


Sonna~ said...

WOOOOOW Majima. I want to see this game too.

Bobo said...

Ah, I'm still hoping someone will sub Petero~

Akiramike said...

Sonna~: I don't know which I'm looking forward to, finally playing Majima (Of the End doesn't count) or being able to run my own hostess club again. :)

Bobo: I would like to say it'll get picked up because its so good but Meoto Zenzai, Mosaic Japan and Nanatsu no Kaigi never got picked up.

4545 said...

Picked this one up a few days ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it to the point of wanting to watch the prequel, even though it doesnt seem to be that good or nearly as good as this one?

Must say though, given the quality, seems that not a lot of attention was given.

Anyway, this drama would be my current best 2 of 2014, along with Border. May watch Kazokugari next.

Anonymous said...

Was there ever a third show for this series? The rating was around 7% for 8pm time slot on Monday, so it must be a huge disappointment for TBS.

Akiramike said...

@anon: Not to my knowledge.