Saturday, September 06, 2014

Summer 2014 jdoramas at a glance


Wow. What a great two episodes! This is turning out to be a must watch show despite my dislike for Densha's acting. I cannot bloody wait for episode 10. I'll save my words for why this show is awesome for when it finishes.


I would like to retract my must watch rating for this show, which I shouldn't have given in the first place. The action just continues to disappoint. They continue to have Super Sentai style fighting with bad guys obviously throwing themselves around and worst of all running at our hero without any intention of slashing him.

I was really excited with the appearance of Sakaguchi Taku (Versus, Why don't you play in Hell?) in episode 8 but the action is too PG even for him to save it. I still like Yoshiwara Ura Doushin but the disappointing action and the fact that it has become a generic cop show just makes it just a watchable series.


The best and most consistent show this season. I'm pretty sure the ending is going to be good. Will do write up when it is finished. Surprisingly no subber has picked this up.


The good news is that they have been rapidly increasing the PG-13 fanservice. The bad news is we get a Dan Mitsu episode overfilled with fanservice that's more stupid than titillating. The most horrible, nonsensical Tokumei Tantei episode ever to the point where Hara Mikie the masseuse randomly knows kung fu.


Anonymous said...

Do you watch Hirugao?

Akiramike said...

Can't stand Ueto Aya but Ito Ayumi is in Hirugao.... hhmm.

Antspace said...

Anonymous is right. Hirugao seems to be the best romantical series this season. And I usually hate Ueto Aya and Kichise Michiko, but both have been very well cast. Ito Ayumi is quite good in this too. All of the men are annoying though. Kitamura Kazuki does alright, but he is wearing ridiculous artist outfits because he has to look like an artist : P
Saito Takumi is managing to be the conscientious husband and teacher and trying but helpless. Kinami Haruka has a small role which is a pity cause she's talented.
This series is well directed and the music is haunting at moments, but I fear the end where the infidelity will most probably will be punished.