Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Oyaji no Senaka Eps 5-7

Episode 5: Dobuko

As much as I dislike Horikita Maki (when has she ever shown she could act?), this is a very funny story with Endo Kenichi playing the father who specialises in playing bad guys who die in television doramas. There's also a bit about Horikita Maki's childhood friend played by Hachi One Diver getting married but Endo Keinichi steals the show.

We need a dorama series about the Kita Yoshio actor. Someone who appears in every second dorama playing the exact same character everytime and no one bothers to remember his reak name.

Episode 6: Father's remarriage and daughter's divorce

A more serious short story about a widower father and his daughter (Ono Machiko) who is in a bad marriage. Beautiful and simple. I can't decide whether I like this or Mitsushima Hikari's episode the best.

Episode 7: Yoroshiku, son.

The funny and charming Watanabe Ken episode that had me thinking what does this have to do with being a father but ties it up to the theme in a nice way.


More than half way in, the quality of the writing continues to be good. No one is settling for mediocrity and everyone is bringing in their game. Must watch.


Antspace said...

Having seen eps 1 to 5, I am positively surprised by this series. It's incredible that they put some of the best writers to work on the father/ children relationship. It brought us these wonderful small stories with some of the best actors as well. In ep 5, even when Horikita Maki is light weight, she fits the role. Endo Kenichi is really nice as the father who gets killed all the time, but the Yakushimaru Hiroko steals the show when she talks about how she met him. She's strong and terribly vulnerable at the same time.
This may have become my favorite ep now : )
I liked all episodes though, so I'm happy you gave this a must watch!

Antspace said...

correction! Horikita Maki sucks big time, but can't destroy the good things in this story. She should stick to modeling though...