Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Seijo Eps 1+2

Seijo is a story where 10 years ago, a college student/home tutor, Ozawa Maria (Hirosue Ryoyo) statutorily rapes this lucky high school played by Mr Riichi from Mosaic Japan. High school kid falls head over hells for this tutor and studies like crazy. Ozawa Maria disappears from his life and the kid finds out that she is not who she says she was.

Fast forward to present day and the kid is now a lawyer and is engaged to Renbutso Misako. From Mosaic Japan to Seijo, this Nagayama Kento fella is on a lucky streak. Ozawa Maria is caught by the police and is accused of being a serial murderer with two of her lovers dead and one in a coma. Her case becomes a big headline and her former pupil's law firm gets involved in her defence.

Seijo looks like an 'is she an evil person' story with Hirosue Ryoko's character always dressed immaculately in white, always acting proper but having been proven as a serial liar.

I have no idea where this show is going besides our main character having a hikikomori brother who was accepted to Todai, Ozawa Maria probably having a sob story childhood which could be all lies and this ultimately being a choose between Renbutsu Misako and Hirosue Ryoko story.

Best case scenario, Seiko is a tight thriller where truths and half truths aren't clear until the end. Worst case scenario is the procedural elements of a legal investigative dorama are sacrificed for over-sentimentality. I like the cast and according to the dramawiki, Seijo is going to be 7 episodes which is a good length. Could be interesting. Watchable so far.


Jung said...

omg is that renbutsu chan? wtf happen to her?!

dgundam said...

damn mike, your plowing through so many shows this season.

everytime i look at hirosue i miss her look when she was in her 20s much better :(
hopefully this show doesnt go to crap.
but i have a feeling its going to follow the usual same boring formula like you mentioned.

just wondering if youre going to be trying time spiral? im curious how gackts acting will be.

dgundam said...

also poor renbutsu. seems like it has been decided she will always be a supporting character and never get her own show as lead :(

Jung said...

yeah last several years have not been kind to Hirosue :-/ I can't believe she's younger than me.

Other older actresses are still holding up much better. Like Matsu Takako. I was pleasantly surprised at how glorious she still looks.

Antspace said...

Dunno, but Hirosue Ryoko san looks like a saint to me : )

Akiramike said...

Jung and dgundam: How dare you imply there's something wrong with Renbutsu chan and Hirosue!

dgundam: These last two seasons have been pretty good in terms of decent quality shows.

dgundam said...

oh i like renbutsu. it was thanks to u reviewing nanase futatabi that i was introduced to her. but unfortunately she hasnt been geting lead roles. unlike emi taeki or ayame gouriki who so far have been getting roles in dramas every damn season lol.

well just saying ryoko looked a lot better in her early 20s than today. theres some actresses that look good even in their 40s. casse in point ryoko shinohara~

dgundam said...

oh ya, by the way mike, so i started watching logh...and wow so epic. im glad you recommended it and someone coincidentally recently uploaded all of it on youtube. got it before they take it down.
the show is amazing. epic. but i hate yang :P

kondthol said...

Yup, it is a bit odd, since Rembutsu is from a very strong agency that totally monopolizes the niche of young actress and she herself is pretty good actress, can't see why they keep her in back burner.

Antspace said...

Quote: "Jung and dgundam: How dare you imply there's something wrong with Renbutsu chan and Hirosue!"

Gold : D

kondthol said...

Fanboy detected

Antspace said...

Nope. I just like dry humor : )