Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mozu season 2: Maboroshi no Tsubasa

It took me up to season two to realise two things about Mozu. Firstly, its set in an alternate reality Japan despite no real signs in the first season that this is not our reality. The second is that this is a superpower show or at least a reality where characters don't blink an eye when other people exhibit special powers.

I'm not talking just about Shingai exhibiting powers to survive multiple gunshots and being pierced by a huge spike through his chest at the end of season 1. I'm talking about the other Shingai being able to teleport and Kuraki not batting an eyelid.

Kuraki himself also exhibits the special power of being able to walk around in broad daylight without a disguise despite being wanted by the police and his face being shown in all medias. Osugi had the power to somehow find Kuraki at an abandoned railway track.

My biggest disappointment was that there was no decent action scene like the chase sequence of Episode 5 in season 1. Its hard for me to hate on Mozu like Saigo no Keikan because the effort is there but whatever possessed TBS and WOWOW to think that this story would make a good series with the talents from Double Face? Did anyone think that the scene with Suzuki sensai exiting a warehouse window by grabbing on a line from a helicopter make sense?

I don't want to think about the story cause its a waste of time. Mozu never had a good foundation to build upon in the first place and there was no decent action to keep me entertained. I can't give it a 'don't watch this crap' because this is one of the very rare big budget doramas which was not created to push some idoru but because they thought they had a good story. Unfortunately, they didn't.


dgundam said...

LOL so true. the story for season 2 was unfortunately bad. plus the superpowers of shingai was too much.
also in episode 5 i didnt like how they kept switching scenes every few minutes. also suzuki senseis character was pretty useless and crazy. and poor aoi yui :(
nice effort though and ya people should at least try to watch mozu to see the rare few times of big budgets non idol dramas.

kondthol said...

Can't agree more. Shingai's superpower abilities is just mind-boggling and overkill. I'd choose the Infernal Affairs' remake over this nonsense any day.

reneflapahoga said...

Just watched it on viki. Thank god it was only 5 episodes.

Even more plot changes I couldn't care less about. Shit characterization. Laughable laughing lunatic. And the brother who's actually the sister who's actually a bird. Uh !

Akiramike said...

And they actually made a movie to finish the series.