Monday, August 25, 2014

Last Doctor Eps 1-5

The fourth show in the summer of Ozaki Masaya, we have Last Doctor a medical examiner show. There's three nice things about this show. First is no one wears that stupid see through plastic thing that Haru wears in Border. The second is that the show acknowledges that medical examiners examine a lot of bodies in day and its not like the other cop shows that seem to only do one autopsy a week.

The third is Ozaki Masaya has to keep coming with all sorts of reasons for our main characters to get involved after the autopsy is done. A lot of times its flimsy but its better than cops unnecessarily hating the medical examiner who can solve their crimes for them. In Last Doctor, its cop preferring all deaths be of natural causes because he gets paid the same regardless.

However, Last Doctor is pretty generic. Its got quirky characters and humour but nothing that really stands out. A very standard show. I'll keep watching cause I like the cast but its an easily forgettable show.

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