Thursday, March 27, 2014

Soil eps 1-5

Soil is a weird small town mystery dorama with subdued slapstick humour and some dark and heavy content. The best way to describe Soil would be a cross between Atami no Sousakan and Trick. Two cops, one of which is an unrecognisable Hoshino Mari come to investigate a mysterious disappearance in town of Soil and the town's many secrets start unraveling.

I enjoyed watching it but nothing blew me away yet. As always with mystery doramas how good the show is will depend on how it ends cause there are a lot of weird stuff happening. Will it go the way of Atami no Sousakan with the inconclusive ending or will there be some great revelation that will tie everything up nicely cause right now it feels like a collection of weird and creepy stories? Thanks to Ersby from If by Japan for subbing it. Watchable.

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I am sold sold sold on watching this!