Saturday, March 15, 2014

Iryu 4 eps 1-6

Team Dragon are back, surprisingly reformed in episode 1 by Asada of all people, except for nurse Miki who didn't do season 3 and is now doing some stupid chocolate dorama. I was very surprised episode 1 started off like the end of the last three episodes with a surgeries that kept getting complicated and complicated.

I was worried that new writer Hamada Hideya might have blown his load in the first episode but it seems that he has a plan. Instead of doing the usual slowly reform Team Dragon towards the end that the last 3 seaons have done, this time its Noguchi and the new consultant Okamura played by Takahashi Katsunori who slowly dismantle Team Dragon and bring the players into their L&P hospital.

Season 4 is interesting not just because it is different but because Okamura does lures the members of Team Dragon away by giving them exactly what they want. There is no dealing with the devil issue where because whatever Okamura's motives are, as long as the members of Team Dragon are doing their jobs whether as individuals or as a team, its all for the good of the patients.

With no clear cut bad guy in this season, there is a lack of tension but there is an air in intrigue on where the writer will take the story as Asada can do nothing as his team is dismantled. Some of the stories have been interesting such as over eagerness to use machine assisted surgery versus outdated surgeries and Noguchi's past. Its still the same director and the same great music. Can't judge the series until the end but so far watchable. Please don't turn into season 3 and fall apart.

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