Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Neko Zamurai 1-6

Damn, how did I miss this dorama? Probably cause its a TV Kanagawa production and there . Never heard of them til now, but apparently, they are in independent tv station that does nice anime. Sounds like my type of station.

I would describe Neko Zamurai as a slice of life dorama featuring a poor samurai, Madarame Kyutaro (Kitamura Kazuki) and his cat, Tamanojoh. Madarame is basically Kuwano Shinsuke from KDO as a samurai except that his eyebrows are always knitted. He is skilled at sword fighting, is always grumpy and doesn't relate to others, and society has left him behind.

Kitamura Kazuki really carries this show with his portrayal of Madarame. He certainly has the charisma to play a samurai of few words trying to raise a cat. The pacing of the show is very laid back but it slowly builds up the main story while revealing information on the various characters.

Very relaxing and watchable show and I enjoy the subdued humour. Just be warned this is more cat dorama than samurai. The movie just came out in Japan and Renbutsu Misako is in it! I want to watch it!!

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