Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WTF Iryu 4 is coming?

I can't believe Fuji TV is making another Iryu after the haphazard 3rd series. Having an original story by the writer of the very boring Zettai Reido series is not a good sign. I think I have Perfect Report sitting on my hd somewhere. Are they trying to destroy my great memories of seasons 1 and 2? Zettai Reido was a sterile Monday afternoon Police series. Have they run out of manga stories to adapt?

As much as I love the cast, I have very little faith its going to be a decent series. Well as long as Hiroyuki Sawano is still doing the music. I'm listening to the awesome Iryu soundtrack and looking up the composer. I knew that he was the same dude who did Triangle but I didn't realise he also did the music of Marks no Yama, Lady Joker, Suitei Yuuzai, Link, Hachi-One Diver and Shingeki no Kyoujin!

Good on WOWOW on getting him to do their jdoramas. Nice to know the composer of the greatest Jdorama soundtrack ever also did two of the best jdoramas ever in Marks no Yama and Lady Joker. I guess anytime a dorama ends with super powerful and exciting music, its probably Hiroyuki Sawano.


Anonymous said...

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! :)

Antspace said...

Merry Xmas!! : )

Aarrrr said...

Merry Xmas Miko chan~

Anonymous said...

okay firstly :

I mean I do respect your opinion but this is harsh !! and I do not accept that to be written about IRYU .. btw IRYU 3 is phenomenon! except one poorly directed scene , putting that on the side , I LOVED IT

and how can you not be happy with 4th season ?!!!! how come?!! I cannot understand .
I know the writer isn't the same one as 1st to 3rd season , but I DO HAVE FAITH , how dare you put IRYU in this position .. its a LEGEND
FYI the 4th season is G R E A T so far .
I don't mean to be aggressive or rude , but I'm hard core IRYU fan so ..

Akiramike said...


Anonymous said...

okay Ms/Mr , I don't agree with anything negative about iryu 3 except that scene , I'm not saying it's my favorite . BUT I loved it nonetheless . BTW it's a drama so I believe that it should be soundtrack and some V action at some point to energize the viewer , how come you notice them only in the 3rd season? I'm sure they have been since the 1st one.

And this title is pissing me off ! I couldn't be happier when I knew there was 4th season . Did you watched it? don't make assumption based on something from 3 almost 4 years ago .