Thursday, December 05, 2013

JFF 2013: The Ravine of Goodbye / Sayonara Keikoku

Let's great straight to the important bits. You get to see a lot of Maki's Yoko's boobs including a very nice sideboobs from behind. No nipples though. Did I mention that there are quiet a few sex scenes? Now that I have convinced most of you to watch this movie, let's take a quick look at what this movie has to offer besides Maki Yoko.

Kanako (Maki Yoko) and Ozaki are a married couple living in this rural town.  One day, their next door neighbour is arrested on suspicion of killing her child and the media descend upon the sleepy town. Among them are reporters played by Omori Nao (Ex-cop from Link which I'll review next week) and Suzuki Anne. The husband Ozaki is suspected by the police of having something to do with the child's death and the two reporters dig into Ozaki's path and find out that Kanako and Ozaki are not your usual couple.

The haunting ending song Saisakizaka written by Shiina Ringo.

The Ravine of Goodbye is an excellent character drama with a dark subject matter. Like The Devil's Path, it is an unfliching look at what people are capable of and explores themes of crime, guilt, forgiveness and other dark emotions. Unlike the Devil's Path, its not just the characters' whose past are being explored that are interesting but also the two reporters themselves who represent the audience's POV.  Instead of being straightforward blank slates, their reactions to the information that they uncover is very powerful. I really love Suzuki Anne's performance when the two reporters have their discussion about crimes and victims at an izakaya.

Compared to Orpheus' Lyre, The Ravine of Goodbye just blows the acting away. Not that Hirosue Ryoko wasn't good but the acting from the four principal actors in The Ravine of Goodbye is just so raw and nuanced. Its like comparing your typical jdorama to a WOWOW production. Maki Yoko's role is the type of meaty role that any actress would gladly show skin to play. Its not often you get to see such a complex character in a difficult relationship.

Riveting movie with great performances that will stay with you past the ending. Hopefully a rip will come out soon cause I want to watch it again, not just for Maki Yoko sex scenes. I want to do a spoiler review because there's so much to talk about in this movie but thete's no point atm as 99% of readers are not able to see it. Must watch from me.


Fedex finally delivered. Got a call from complaints guy saying its their busy period and the bullshit attempted deliveries were done by contracted couriers which I suspected. If their cue card reading customer support would have told me that, I would not have been pissed off. I in fact asked customer service whether it was a contract driver that attempted my delivery and was told no.

Came with bonus study book for me to practice my kanji writing.

Included are a bunch of AR cards.


dgundam said...

ah yoko maki. so hot. she needs more main character roles. too bad she didnt rly get much in her twenties.

i saw her photobook. wow. i doubt their real. too huge XD

hopefully we will get a rip. the other day i saw that hirosue movie online.

Cyberwave said...

Just a reminder, a new WOWOW drama series "Kanata no ko" which had boardcasted the 1st episode was also directed by Tatsushi Omori.
Staff and casr looks promising.I can provide the raw version of ep1 without subs in case you are interested.

4545 said...

You sure do know your readers! ;)
Will check it out when it's available.

Anonymous said...

I knew this movie would be great! Thank you for the review, now I can't wait to watch it.

Akiramike said...

Probably not getting much in her twenties has led her to be a better actress. However, her body is disproportionally thin compared to her rack. She's barely got any meat on her bones.

Cyberwave, OMFG thanks for bringing Kanata no ko to my attention! Have you got a download link for it?

Cyberwave said...

To: Akiramike,

Below are the download links for Ep1. Just knew that Mitsushima Hikari will be on screen in Ep2 only,what a pity.Hope someone would sub this drama series regardless of the non-mainstream cast.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Yep, Kanata no Ko has a lot going for it. Nagase Masatoshi ("Mystery Train") will be appearing in it. He just happens to be the star of the coolest dorama EVER made, "Shiritsu Tantei Hama Maiku". 12 episodes by 12 amazing cult directors and writers. Sadly, only poor rips available online, and absolutely no subs. Still worth a DL, just to gape at the dorama hipness.
Sorry, Nagase-san made me go a little astray...

Unknown said...

What is this Mirai 2 thing? It looks cute and fun! :)

Akiramike said...

Music game and yes, it is fun.