Sunday, December 29, 2013

Otto no Kanojo 1-5

Wife thinks husband is cheating on her with younger girl but husband is actually helping the girl who is his colleague with her exam to be a full time employee. Wife and girl meet up, get into an argument and some random witch makes them switch bodies. I remember reading about how Otto no Kanojo's ratings were so bad that they cut the episodes short and how the stations do not like publicizing the number of episodes before hand.

Body swapping doramas always pop up every so often and to me its almost a bulletproof concept as long as they hit the right notes and keep both role swaps equally interesting. Unfortunately, in Jdoramaland casting people people who cannot act happens all the time and this time we have Kawaguchi Haruna as the wife in the young body role. She just doesn't give out the feeling that there's a 40 year old woman in that body somewhere.

Out next overpushed Ueto Aya Jr once she gets her lips to Ishihara Satomi size.

Its not really her fault though. While there are funny bits, especially with the continued misunderstanding, Otto no Kanojo feels so boringly by the numbers as if designed to safely appeal to everyone that its a lifeless husk of a comedy wannabee. I basically skimmed through the series after the first two episodes and the only thing keeping the skimming was the continued misunderstanding by the wife about the affair which the writer. Stay away.


Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Oh, Mike-san, you watch the crap, so we don't have to. Thank you for your ongoing curatorial efforts. Looks like the J-ent mafia wanted to ring down the curtains on their promising little show pony's acting meltdown before their investment became a total loss. I doubt we've seen the last of this lil' girl.

On a totally different note, have a great New Year!

Akiramike said...

Happy New Year!