Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Fuck Fedex!

I need to rant about useless Fedex. Was supposed to receive Project Mirai 2 on Monday from Play-Asia according to tracking. Fedex deliveries usually arrives at my workplace around 2pm. Nothing arrives. Alarm bells start ringing and I give Fedex a call. Assured that it would delivered by 6pm. 5.45 tracking says courier tried to deliver. Fucking bullshit.

I work at a Federal Building and the delivery entrance is always open with a security guard.

Called today after 3 and was told that delivery might have been attempted today and that she would call me back. Guess what? No call back. Called again and after some diging was told that courier tries to deliver at 9.30 today although it doesn't show up on tracking. Worst bullshit I've ever heard.

Worse is the customer service from cue card reading people who aren't even listening. I work at a public building in the CBD with security in front that can get my parcel for me and a delivery entrance at the side. What part of there is no fucking way someone tried to deliver my package do they not understand?

Sounds to me like couriers not doing their jobs and just skipping deliveries but claiming they tried. Fuck Fedex. I remember this happening once before but no more Fedex for me. Used to be able to get stuff from Play-Asia by Fedex in 3 days but I'd rather get Australia Post to deliver rather than getting dicked around by this courier company that has gone from good to bad. Fuck Fedex.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike, that really sucks! It's also scary, because you don't want your order being returned to sender or rotting in a warehouse, whereabouts unknown. I know, because this nearly happened to me back when I worked for the feds. Exact same set-up as you, and I was just in time to prevent my parcel from being refused by mailroom staff I as happened to be making a daily delivery at just the right time. A couple of weeks later, a brief memo appeared stating that all deliveries of a personal nature to staff would by automatically refused by shipping and receiving staff. Thanks for the late heads up, boys. This may not be relevant to your situation, but the S&R dept might also being playing "god" with your delivery. Just arrange to have the parcel "held at depot" and f*ck this noise. It's inconvenient, but at least you know where your delivery is and how to get at it.

Akiramike said...

The great thing about my workplace is security have no problems accepting personal deliveries and signing for it. This time it was more of a case of Christmas load and contact workers not making their deliveries.