Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yuusha Yoshihiko to akuryo no kagi ep 1

The biggest concern heading into season 2 was are there enough JRPG jokes left to mine? After all, there were times in the first season where things got a bit repetitive though on the whole it was a very funny series. The answer to that is a resounding yes! There are still plenty to JRPG cliches to make fun of and even jokes we've seen like villagers not wanting to go quests can be done in a new way.

Very funny first episode about Hotoke bringing the old gang back with a slight problem and it ends with a great cliffhanger. Hopefully they can keep this up. Looks like this year of jdoramas is saved. I am anxiously awaiting the second episode of Going My Home to see whether the good first episode can turn into a good series.

I don't remember Murasaki dealing with getting revenge for her father's murder in the first season. Hope they can do a funny story about this season.

Poor magician who's stuck with stupid spells cause they don't have money.

Danjo can be a mine for funny stories since they can have various people from his hopefully funny past pop up.


Antspace said...

Very happy to see the Yuusha back!
Loved how they met the first level monster and lost : D
It was all good!

Akiramike said...

Ep 2 recycles one of the best jokes from S1 but presents it in a new way. :)