Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall 2012 jdoramas that should not be subbed.

This is part 2 of my Fall 2012 jdorama round up. It all comes down to this season as to whether 2012 is the worst jdorama season of the last 5 or 6 years. While it seems like we are getting a year's worth of possibly good doramas in a season, there are plenty of shows I would avoid.


Kimutaku in a Kusanagi Tsuyoshi dorama. Seriously, does that overly photoshopped poster tell you its going to be anything besides a fairytale catering to the lowest common denominator with the subtlety of a sledgehammer and everyone playing themselves. If you get excited over this poster, do yourself a favour and watch Kusanagi Tsuyoshi's Boku series or Koi ni Ochitara, which I'm pretty sure Priceless is an inferior version of. Someone obviously saw Freeter and thought they could put Kimutaku in the Nino role.


Wait, the powers that be at Fuji TV saw Watashi ga Renai Dekinai Riyuu thought it was such an incredible dorama about love challenges women face in the 21st century and decided to reward the producer with a show about the love lives of 30-40 year old women? Did I somehow wake up in bizzarro land where failure is rewarded in Jdoramas?

Is this the same Fuji TV that did Soredemo Ikite Yuku? Do they not realise that Renai Dekinai Riyuu was a directionless soap masquerading and marketing itself as intelligent? I'd normally watch anything with Yoshitaka Yuriko but couldn't stand that dorama. Renai Dekinai Riyuu looked good, sounded good and came in a great looking package but there was nothing underneath. As bframe said, Kekkon Shinai has got Ito Ayumi so I might just take a peek for her. (see Shinya Shokudo S2 ep 4) Anyone who's watched jdoramas for a while should not need subs for this.


I was excited about the name until I realised it wasn't based on the classic anime. All female detective show with talking dog. The track record for detective doramas says generic boring crap.


Someone please tell me why Takei Emi is getting such a push after seeing her in W no Higeki and Iko Mo Dekinai Natsu. I've seen nothing that tells me she's really good or could be really good.


Boy band fighting dorama. I predict lots of posing, overacting, shouting and hair gel.


After Koshonin, I tend  to avoid Yonekura Ryoko doramas.She's sort of like what Miss Nagasawa Long Legs Masami is becoming now.


Fortunately, not based on the awesome manga. That would be a waste. With the two main actors, Monsters is already in the negative in terms of acting ability (University of Laughs doesn't count).


The only reason to watch this is to hear Fukada Kyoko try to speak English.

With her pronunciation, I see lots of pilots trying to land on the wrong runway. Might need subs for her English.


Jesus Christ Supercop said...

Maybe Tokyo Airport is just cleverly misdirecting you, and the real plot is that Fukada is a psychopath who causes planes to crash with her deliberately poor English. Nobody catches her because they can't hear the difference.

Drama-ista said...

Kekkon shinai is just a Renai dekinai? hmmm, and I was all doki doki for Tamaki and Kanno!

Jung said...

lol@jesus. that's really bad english though. And I don't even blame her for it. She should've been given some lessons in pronunciation. This is clearly a producer/director failure.

Unless this is part of clever marketing strategy to get people to tune in to see how bad her English is, in which case, we just got schooled.

Jadefrost said...

Ito Ayumi appears for barely 1 min in Ep 1 of Kekkon Shinai which I watched against my better judgment! It was painful, irritating and boring, and I hated Miho Kanno's desperate to get married that she feels stifled in her own house character that perks up at ex university mate who wants to honour old promise to marry if they're still single at 35. Pfft.

Since no one means to marry, what plot is there? It should really be a documentary. A horrible waste of a drama slot.

lzyData said...

Leave Fukada Kyoko allloooonnneee! She's trying her best!


Anonymous said...

they should've cast actress who can speak intelligible English like Kitagawa, not Fukada

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I agree with IzyData, I guess I'll watch ANYTHING with Fukada Kyoko in it. I've had the biggest girl crush on her for the past 13 years.

Anyone who's watched jdoramas for a while should not need subs for this.

I DID watch half of this without subs and there were enough repeated phrases (moto kare, kekkon, kekkon shinai, etc.) so that I actually understood what was going on. I'm really into dramas like this, although I admit that they're as wide as an ocean and deep as a puddle. :/

Anonymous said...

Kimutaku.He will always have LV lol

Though I don't think that Tsunagi was natural in the boku to kanajou drama.(Or maybe I just have a problem with how he seems detached/can't convey emotions like sadness convincingly?). He was definitely a LOT better in Ninkyo. I seriously thought his acting in that was more natural and believed he was an awesome actor, until I checked out Fuyu... maybe he should just keep doing yakuza themed dramas.

I don't understand the need for kekkon shinai if Around 40's already been made.

thanks for the part 2!

Akiramike said...

JCS: That would be comedy gold.

Jadefrost: Thanks for the heads up! The trailer looked ok but Renai Dekinai Riyuu was worse than average.

Sonnaaaaa~: I think IzyData was being sarcastic

Anon: And LG and Pride. Kusanagi is a much more subtle actor which the Boku no series is. Less spell it out for the audience and more melancholy. There's always a women in their 30s/40s dorama every season but I seriously doubt Kekkon Shinai will be as watchable as the generic ones.

xaxa said...

Didn't get the passage about Fuji TV and Renai Dekinai Riyuu. It's not like Fuji can't make shitty dramas nor Renai Dekinai Riyuu was 1st drama about women (don't think it was even 101st). So why the comparison?

nomuramai said...
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nomuramai said...

i kinda like kyoko fukada in tokyo airport, well actually i like airport dramas, she is like yuki uchida in...what was that drama...oh yeah, big wing! as for kekkon shinai, miho kanno is in it, that is enough for me...and as for Tokyo Zenryoku Shoujo
i found it entertaining, and atsuro watabe is in it! i miss his mannerisms...i love how we are all different in our needs, i find i can like a drama from almost the first scene, just the feeling it projects ca make me forgive and just enjoy...

Antspace said...

Interesting, I must agree with Nomuramai a bit. Kanno Miho rocks in the otherwise boring Kekkon Shinai. She should get another agency for better roles. She's SO good! Then, I liked Fukada Kyoko in Sengyou Shufu Tantei ~Watashi wa Shadow. Can't get through Tokyo Airport though...
I really hated Takei Emi in W no Higeki. I should say I hated W no Higeki period, but she's doing fine in this series. She's wacky bratty fun : )

lzyData said...

Priceless: The funniest part for me was how Kimura Takuya, Sexiest Man Alive, cannot get a job as a male hostess because he's too old. I don't know if this says something about Japanese society, or how ridiculous this drama is, or both. It's entertaining though.

Kekkon dekinai: Somebody rescue Kanno Miho from the documentary she's trapped in. I wonder how she herself feels about it since she is personally one of these "not married, don't feel I need to" women.

Takei Emi: At least she stopped getting those damsel in distress roles. She's wacky in this one, but the story goes nowhere. Her and Watabe Atsuro yelling at each other in a room for an hour every week.

MONSTERS: One cannot act, the other overacts. What a freakish show.

Doctor X... is actually not bad. Or maybe I just like medical dramas.

Anonymous said...

why o why i feel very different from u guys~

i like kekkon shinai n see nothing like renai dekinai (did not finish this one~)

though i heard nothing of fukada's in english (she speaks english?!~), i think tokyo airport is watchable

takei emi gives me something else this time~

Akiramike said...

Izydata, have you seen Gira Gira?

lzyData said...

Actually now that you mention it I have watched Giragira, at least a few episodes.