Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jmovie review: Spec: Ten

I enjoyed the Spec series. Its half investigative X-men story with quirky Trick-like humour. The overacting final boss of the first season kept it from being must watch and I very much enjoyed Spec: Sho cause we finally get to see Toma's Spec and it brought the series to a full circle so I could bloody ignore that cartoonish villain. However, Spec: Ten is a disappointment for me.


So Toma seals her Spec powers and Ninomae is back. Another group of Spec people are planning to rule the world, blah blah blah. We get this elite group of police storming this base to kill these Spec torrorists without even gathering intel on their powers. I know Spec is a comedy but  I just didn't find anything funny in this movie so my mind just kept wandering.

The one thing that could have been really funny was Ito Atsushi playing himself. They could have made jokes about his whiny characters in jdoramas and he can be like the total opposite in real life. Nope, most of the jokes are about Kuriyama Chiaki's CIA character who speaks with broken Japanese. Probably a cultural gap thing I guess. Let's not mention the horrible Ito Atsushi's horrible CG tentacles. Surely there are better ways to do his Spec power?

Anyway, turns out the Ninomae was a clone. Zzzzzzzzz. In the end, there were plenty of Ninomae and they all get erased by this new baddie who can seemingly erase things. If only Mr Baddie can erase this movie as well. Basically the whole movie is Toma gets her powers back and is in danger of being seduced by it ala Evil Ryu. Sebumi still hasn't learned that he should probably should bad guys with Spec powers straight away and the whole thing is to introduce new baddie and Sebumi's possible child who could also be a product of ghostly/spirit intercourse.

Spec: Ten should have been done as a series. Spec: Sho was a better two hour feature to wrap up the series. Spec: Ten feels like a small stepping stone to introduce elements for a new season/movie. They basically did not need to make a movie that sets things up but does not have any payoff. Felt very redundant to me.


Anonymous said...

where do u get the english sub?


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kamen said...

My thoughts exactly! I was bored to death and ended up re-watching SPEC Sho to re-energize my mind.

Akiramike said...

I hope they don't continue with Spec unless they've got an interesting story to tell or somewhere they want to bring the two characters.

Its funny that the special had a purpose while the movie just feels like a waste of time.