Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Tokkan eps 1-3

If you want a pretty good jdorama about tax evasion watch Chase. Five episodes of must watch goodness with a bad final episode but IMO its worth watching. Its something we don't normally see and its fun watching the cat and mouse game of people trying to hide their money the tax inspectors try to find it.

I didn't really like the first two episodes of Tokkan. As someone said, it had the generic moral ending and generic dorama feel. Still I kept watching because of the subject matter of tax evasion. I like how the dorama just explains technical stuff to the audience without the need of a newbie character asking 101 questions.

However, episode 3 was pretty good with a nice twist ending. I like that their is the main story of the mamasan building up during the three episodes. Tax evasion dorama should be about the chase, not feeling sorry cause someone's too poor to pay their taxes because they kept running an unprofitable business.

The key to success for me is simple; show rich people evading and tax people chasing. Its probably easier to write than murder mysteries or police shows because the goal post can always be moved. Watchable because of episode 3.


Sonnaaaaa~ said...

I agree with you -- I was ready to drop Tokkan until episode 3. Something about Mao's character started to work in that episode and they got rid of the moral code part.

I'm going to watch this one for a while and see what develops.

Jesus Christ Supercop said...

The moral sermons are a drag, and the first episode's case was not good, but it's otherwise an entertaining show, thanks in no small part to Inoue. She's just adorable.

Speaking of entertaining, I finally watched Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de (including the special). A most excellent show, one of last year's best for sure.

A show that is not excellent is Suzuki Sensei, for one damning reason: in the first episode, when Suzuki's co-worker tells him about the little girl who was supposedly raped, the scene is played for laughs. It's like they're talking about somebody who slipped on a banana peel. It's unbelievably fucked up, and I can't believe the network allowed this trainwreck to air. What were they thinking? Maybe they consulted a fortune teller who told them that nobody is going to watch the show anyway, so no need to re-shoot the scene. That must be it.

Anonymous said...

can you help in the seed of
Oishii Kankei Episode 11 2nd half.avi
it seems there is no one to give hand, and I do believe you suggested the second one a long time ago.

Akiramike said...

Seeding Kintaro 3 1a now. I've only got one file for Oishii Kankei 11.

Ersby said...

Not sure what to make of episode four, except that this is certainly no Chase.