Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jdorama news ramblings 25/8/12


You can read all about it here. I love the Infernal Affairs trilogy and the idea of two doramas set in the same world featuring characters on both sides of the coin, showing at the same time is mind blowing. How awesome would it be to see something happen from one perspective and then the same week from another? TBS and WOWOW better not fuck this up though Japan has rarely shown they can do good serious cop shows with the exceptions of Gonzo, Rinjo and Gaiji Keisatsu.

Here's hoping they explore the duality in Infernal Affairs with subtlety. No stupid moral preaching and hope it doesn't turn into The Departed which completely missed what made Infernal Affairs so good in the first place. If this turns into Rondo, I will completely give up on Japanese cop shows. Actually just realised that Densha is in it. WTF? I don't see him pulling an Ijyuiin in Tetsu no Hone and showing us he can actually act.


Jadefrost wrote about the writer not liking the dorama series. I am up to episode 5 and I feel like the stories should have been done as 2 hour doramas specials. Just not enough time to build up the characters and all you have left is the twist. It doesn't suck but nothing really stands out either. Seems like writers don't have much power in jdorama land. I wonder whether its common practice to have writers on set rewriting and reworking stuff? I suppose jdorama schedules are tighter and they don't have the luxury of time unlike movies.


Just realised from Jdrama Weblog that there's a jdorama about a dragon appearing in Tokyo. Hope it is stupid fun like Yuusha Yoshihiko. Its got Santamaria Yusuke and Renbutsu Misako so I am definitely checking it out!

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lzyData said...

On Higashino Keigo and his mysteries, no mystery with this one. Ratings are bad so everyone's pointing their fingers at each other. Unfortunately this is an era where even a big and famous cast does not guarantee an audience (except for Matsushima Nanako). The drama itself is also kind of bleh. They're not actually very mysterious or suspenseful. Sometimes either the author or the scriptwriter is banging you over the head with a point, like with the Matsushita Nao episode, or else they try for a comedic effect and it just ends up weird like the Nagasawa Masami episode.