Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poor Man Rich Woman eps 2-6

First of all, thank the jdorama gods Ishihara Satomi didn't turn out to be Hyuga's sister. Turns out that Satomi's character whose real name is Makoto Natsui met Hyuga years ago and has carried the guilt of not telling Hyuga about his mom ever since. Natsui is a throwback to the more passive cinderella protagonists of old except she doesn't fight with Hyuga.

 An IT company with this many hot chicks?

She is basically obsessed with our prince while Natsui is the only person he bullies who's name he remembers. Even after Natsui reveals her deception, Hyuga remembers her face and real name so that must mean they are made for each other or something like that right? Beats the romantic comedy law of two attractive people must get together law because they just have to. Which is not to say I don't enjoy the bullying. Ishihara Satomi in panic mode is cute and Hyuga running to her at a goukon in ep 6 is funny.

Someone explain to me why he could not have moved the two bags in the front seat to the back.

PMRW has a lot of elements that I like. Love the casting. It looks very very but I'm not hanging on every word and I've skimmed a few scenes here and there. I've been holding off on a write up waiting for the backstabbing to happen. Its happened but Hyuga doesn't know he has got a knife in his back yet.

As a business dorama, I want to see where it goes. There's certainly more business in PMRW than in Magma. The Asahina brother is the most interesting character in PMRW. He is the guy who is willing to smash his own foot just to get Tono to owe him. He is the guy smart enough to keep up with Hyuga but is happy to let Hyuga lead until Hyuga stopped listening to him and is now blinded by jealousy. Knowing jdoramas, Asahina is going to get back stabbed by the company he wants to partner with and repent at the end.

On paper RMPW should be really good but I don't really care about it. I'm ho-hum about the quadrangle with the Asahina siblings and I just want to see Hyuga kicked out of the company to see what he will do.Watchable but I'm not finding anything under it slick presentation.


Jadefrosts said...

This drama somehow brings to mind Fuji TV's Koi ni Ochitara, an IT company too with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi who went over to the otherside and ousted Tsutsumi Shinichi but was redeemed in the end.

I'm not sure that I want to continue PMRW after Ep 5. There are nice parts to it but my interest was slipping up. Can they do more with Makoto besides making calf eyes at Hyuga and being all passive.

Sonnaaaaa~ said...

Thus far I think it's doing a good job at being different. But part of me almost wishes that they didn't reveal the backstory until later. I personally liked debating whether she was an "enterprising princess" or a genuine person.

The Asahina siblings interest me too. I'm not sure what's really going on with Asahina-sister -- she's more of the "enterprising princess" to me. And with Asahina-brother, I'd like there to be a nice surprise.

Jung said...

The biggest weakness of the show is that the writers have failed to make product-development part of the story interesting. And unfortunately, that's what takes up most of storyline. It could've been more interesting if there were multiple products and sales cycles weaved into the storyline, with less emphasis on technical aspects. I'm guessing they signed some deals with Windows 8 people.

btw, in case anybody gave up on Boys on the Run, I'd give a go until ep 4. That show is pretty dark.

Akiramike said...

Koi ni Ochitara is a much better show and more of a parable. PMRW wants to be a romance and business dorama but it feels like it switching between the two all the time.

Satomi's character arc has runs its course even before the halfway point.

Even the technical aspects are crap. How are you going to set up the infrastructure where various agencies can input data? How about privacy? Voice commands wtf? Wasn't the bad guy already given the information on a usb? No one thought of shutting down the servers?

I hate the idea of windows 8. Metro doesn't work with keyboard and mouse.