Monday, August 13, 2012

Saba Doru

Saba Doru is an idoru vehicle for Watanabe Mayu. I'm a lot more forgiving of late night idoru doramas because they have no budget and run for 25 minutes. The first Majisuka Gakuen was watchable in the its so bad its fun way. If I were the Japanese vice president of common sense, I would ban all idoru pimping to after 12am. Some midnight doramas have turned out to be very good like The Quiz Show.

Mayuyu is playing herself in Saba Doru except she's actually a 38 year old woman pretending to be 17. Sounds absurd but I'm willing to accept any premise as long as it leads to a good story. Unfortunately, rather than being an examination of a 38 year old woman pretending to be 17, its more like a 17 year old girl pretending to be a 38 year old woman pretending to be 17.

The only thing I got from Saba Doru was the name of the drinking song from 101 Proposals. (I think. Haven't watched it in years) Only for the hardcore fans. Can't really critisize Saba Doru for being what it is. Was hoping there would be some entertainment value. Move along, nothing to see here.

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Anonymous said...

When I first started watching Saba D, I was sceptical too. But for the heck of it, I finished the entire series. I really liked the eye-candy (the Chiquitita guy and her student-fan), her sister's character and how she well she pulled off her 38yr old self. I mean, she just grew on me! :) People should watch this for the fun of it, and not take it so seriously, I think.